Pomozi.ba: The entire B&H joined the Help to Syrian Refugees in Serbia

syrian refugeesAssociation Pomozi.ba collected around 700 tons of help, which will be sent to Syrian refugees who are currently in Serbia.

Action “Once we, now they“ was launched on 1st September and now the entire country is involved in it.

Elvir Karalic from the Association Pomozi.ba said that a large influx of refugees to B&H is not expected, so association will distribute the entire help to Serbia.

“What is happening to refugees from the countries of the Middle East we consider as a human tragedy that, in one way, provokes our moral and dignity, this is an attack on the humanity“, as said from Pomozi.ba.

“As citizens of a country that passed through a very similar period in its recent history, we have to be sensitive at this category of displaced persons, We are currently dealing with consequences of the tragedy, and unfortunately we are not able to solve the cause.

Our focus is on the basic life necessities. We are planning to visit Subotica, Belgrade, Presevo and Kanjiza at the end of September, because according to field information, the largest number of people is concentrated in those places.“

Action was joined by associations Nahla from Sarajevo and Tuzla, ABC and skippers from Una, Humanitarian guard of the Salt city Tuzla, and in the next few days, a cooperation with other cities as well is expected.

The funds raised in this campaign will be used for the purchase of the necessary articles from domestic companies.

List of basic necessities you can donate:



wet wipes (small packages)

milk for babies (Laktovit only, because children from 0 to 2 years can drink it)

baby food

children’s diaper (all sizes)

cans that does not have to be in a fridge (pate, tuna, chicken slices)

underwear (new, because we do not want to degrade those people)

dates (due to their high energy value)



For all questions related to this action, you can call 060 34 88 599 or write an email on: info@pomozi.ba.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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