Kosarac: special Checks of Fish imported from China to Bosnia-Herzegovina


Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations Stasa Kosarac told N1 TV on Sunday that he had interviewed representatives of the Veterinary Office and that he had instructed them to carry out special checks on fish imported from China in the coming period.

He said that the citizens had no cause for concern in this context. The death toll in China since the virus corona epidemic has climbed to 56, local media reported on Sunday.

 “Over the past 24 hours, 688 new confirmed cases, 1,309 suspected cases and 15 deaths from the disease have been reported. The situation with pneumonia resulted in a total of 56 deaths, with 49 people recovering and 2,684 being reported as suspicious patients, ” the Xinhua News Agency reported, citing the National Health Commission of China.

The attention of Bosnian public was today attracted by the information that a bus carrying tourists from Chinese province of Wuhan, the city from which the virus corona epidemic started, arrived last night, according to, to Croatia, and entered in Neum in Bosnia-Herzegovina.



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