Kravice Waterfall is New Tourist Attaction

vodopad-kravice-hercegovinaThe area by the waterfall Kravice on the river Trebižat, which is located several kilometers from Ljubuški and Čapljina, has everything it needs to become one of the most important tourist offers in BiH, according to “Dnevni Avaz”.

It is located near the border with Croatia, near the pilgrimage site of Međugorje, and from Mostar is a 40 minute drive, and from the highway Corridor 5C, whose first paved road has reached this oasis of peace, it is only a few minutes walking distance.

The Tourist Board of the West Herzegovina Canton (ZHK) said that the construction and completion of the highway will impact on the further promotion of this natural pearl.

“Downstream from the waterfall there will be a bridge length of around 400 meters and a resort, from which every visitor could have an attractive view of the waterfall. We think that, when the highway is finally connected with Hungary, Kravice will become a real world attraction’’, explains Grgo Mikulić, the Director of the Tourist Board.

Grgo Mikulić adds that Kravice, which has had over 2.000 people visit the place in a day, always has excellent tourist facilities so that, apart from just the built highway, which replaced the old dirt dusty road, and landscaped parking lots and walkways, there is also a bike path.

“In the season from the fifth to ninth months of late night, four restaurants work until late at night. We expect that the number of catering facilities with the construction of highways will increase’’, said Grgo Mikulić.

There is great enthusiasm from the waterfall, which is 31 meters high and at the base is a swimming pool, where there are foreign and local tourists.

“It is especially attractive when divided into several smaller waterfalls, that people can use as showers, while larger limestone masses, which are 12 meters high, are used as ramps. It is really impossible to explain the atmosphere of this area until one visits it’’, said Mikulić.

The importance of Kravice as a desired tourist attraction in BiH was recognized by the FBIH, which since 2005 until now has invested more than one million euros. In addition to walking trails and parking areas, there is a viewpoint and sanitation facilities, and especially two renovated mills give this place a specific charm.

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