Kupusović is directing a new comedy ”Lari Tompson”

After the successful adaptation of the text ”Balkan spy” at the National Theater Sarajevo, Kupusović is directing another text by Dušan Kovačević entitled ”Lari Tompson”. Kupusović’s intention is to adapt the text to the contemporary B&H context and stage it at the National Theater Tuzla.

The first rehearsals have already started for this drama, which is a parody of the hype that sprung from watching too much TV shows.

”People are living the lives of someone else, some Lara and Sulejman, because they do not find anything good or interesting in their own lives. Our drama will be called ”Lari Tompson” or ”Lara Tompsonova” and it will talk about the humiliating position of the theater and culture. We will try to make a funny, a bit crazy comedy, so we can all enjoy in it”- said Kupusović.

The roles in the drama will be played by the members of the National Theater Tuzla. The leading two roles will be played by Meliha Fakić and Nermin Omić.

The premiere of this comedy can be expected in the second half of February 2013.


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