Lady Europe, You always like to turn Your head around

preuzmiLady Europe,

I have always loved you, respected you, even when you didn’t return my love. I have forgiven you for the Genocide You let happen  back in 1995. I have forgiven You all the pain You watched my country go through. I have forgiven You because my religion teaches me that the once who forgive are better then the once who revenge. Now, after 20 years, am asking myself if it was smart to do so. I see You are letting them prepare another ’95. They started slow, as they have always done.

What? You don’t know what am talking about? Of course You don’t. You always like to turn Your head around and pretend like it is not Your business, but when it comes to cleaning our natural resources then we are Yours.

You know exactly what am talking about, they forbid me my Hijab.

They forbid me my born rights. My right to choose my identity. Am not allowed  to enter any Judicial Institution, and perform  any religious act during work in Judicial Institutions. You have no idea, how many girls in Bosnia fought against their most beloved  fathers and mothers to wear it, and now a low forbids them. It breaks my heart to see that in New York a judge,  Muslim lady in Hijab takes  her Oath with her hand on Qur’an, while me here in wonderful Europe can’t even wear it without attempts to humiliate us. Only attempts, because we are very proud on our choices, and we have chosen Hijab. I know You don’t care about us Muslims, but what about the Christians, Jews, at least care about them they were hijabs too.

Don’t you see the irony in this, I am being taken away my born rights by Judicial Institutions who are supposed to grant it. No, don’t blame it solely  on the government of Bosnia, or the people, cause you know very well they are only puppets in Your show.

You also know that people in Bosnia like peace, You know that we love and support each other despite our differences, that we would bow down and accept everything  to keep it that way.

But You are pushing limits, not this time. I am not letting You forbid me to be a witness, a lawyer, a judge. If I do so, am letting others to  judge me and place me where they like,  it  makes it easier for  You also to write history the way you like it. So You can say we are not Yours, well, we are Yours since 9th century we didn’t come from anywhere and we are not going anywhere, we are staying, so are our  hijabs together with habits and tichels.

Your  hypocrisy is transparent, You hide behind democracy same as ISIS hides behind Islam.

Written by Nesiba Smajic

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