Land for Sale in the Novi Grad Sarajevo: Construction of a Gas Station is planned?

zemljisteFor the purpose of construction of a business property – gas station, the Municipality of Novi Grad Sarajevo announced tender for sale of real estate in Dobrinja. The sale was planned through the auction, which is scheduled for the 24th of August 2015.

Future gas station will be consisted of building, carport, underground reservoirs, automatic fuel dispensers, parking, green areas and connection to the road and skills Pr +0. The height levels will be defined by the Preliminary design project and will take into account that the height of the building in relation with the corner of the road may not exceed maximum height of 6 meters.

One of the conditions for all interested in the auction is the proof of the possession of ISO 9001 certification and ISO 14001 (environmental protection).

The initial price of the property amounts to 449,600.00 BAM.

Applications for the auction will be accepted until the 21st of August 2015, until 6 p.m.


(Source: akta.ba)

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