Landslide on the Road Jablanica – Prozor, Traffic suspended

odronDue to the large landslide on the main road M-16.2 Jablanica – Prozor, a complete suspension of traffic is in effect. On the other roads, traffic in B&H is taking place without any longer delays. Roads are dry, and the frequency of vehicles is moderate intensity.

Due to of the reconstruction of the bridge on the loop Blatusa in Zenica, vehicles weighing up to 7.5 tons that are exiting from Zenica are redirected to the loop Radakovo, while trucks over 7.5 tons are redirected on the regional road R-445, and the loop Lašva. The entrance to Zenica from the highway M-17 is allowed for all vehicles for now.

On the occasion of the joint session of the Council of Ministers of B&H and the Government of the Republic of Serbia, transportation of explosives and flammable liquids is forbidden on the territory of Canton Sarajevo today until 5 p.m.

Due to demining work, there will be half an hour suspensions of traffic during the day on the roads: Jajce-Banja Luka, Semizovac-Srednje, Drinjaca-Konjevic Polje and Bosanski Brod-Odzak.

There are no longer retentions at the border crossings, as announced from BIHAMK.

(Source: nap.ba)

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