Here’s a Chance for all who declaratively support Srebrenica – turn Words into Actions!

Duraković about Conference sandzacke.rsThe investment-developmental conference which is to be held in Srebrenica on November 11 and 12 is an opportunity for concrete moves, claims the Mayor of Srebrenica Municipality Ćamil Duraković.

Duraković explained how this conference is a perfect way to overcome the silence which arises every year after July 11.

“We invited all representatives of the countries in the region and representatives of B&H, and the reason is that the focus on Srebrenica is lost after July 11 and the life goes back to normal. People are living hard, and there is a lot of what Srebrenica has to offer and put at disposal if we all engaged. Herein I refer to the political representatives of B&H and especially Serbia, because we are bordering with that country”, Duraković said.

Duraković reminded that Srebrenica Municipality has burning issues of legal nature with Serbia, such as the flooded land of the hydro power plant which no one has been solving for 23 years now. Moreover, Duraković claims, good words of reconciliation and extended hands should be made concrete by the means of doing something and solving problems.

“Here is a chance for all those who declaratively support Srebrenica, for this or that reason, to jointly turn words into actions which will do good to the citizens of this town. We are not looking for charity, but for Srebrenica to get help in order to politically unblock certain processes. Herein I refer to Banja Gruber, the forests, waters and ores of Srebrenica, as well as anything else that might be beneficial for the citizens”, Duraković said, taking forests of Srebrenica as an example.

“Until now, our goods were just exported somewhere else. We are a municipality rich in forests, which are literally just being cut and exported, without any semi-final or final processing, which is the largest loss and everyone else profits except Srebrenica”, Duraković said.


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