Large Quantities of Eid Meat donated to the Soup Kitchen “Stari Grad”

The Eid al Adha was more joyful for the socially endangered citizens of Sarajevo thanks to the people of good will who brought Eid meat to the Soup Kitchen “Stari Grad” in Sarajevo.

The manager of the Soup Kitchen Zilha Seta, said that “it is a beautiful day – Friday and the first day of Eid”.

“This great column of cars contributed to this beautiful day. To be honest, I am surprised,” said Seta, saying that Bosnia is viewed as a poor country, but its citizens show that it is different every time.

“These are people who are with me all year long, especially in these days. This day is the most beautiful,” explained Zilha.

According to her, they managed to give gifts before the Eid with the help of others. Seta said that there are users of Rakovica communes who helped in the reception and division of the meat to the citizens of Sarajevo.

“There are many people who donated meat, but there are even more people who are asking for it – it will not be less than 50 tons of meat. Last year there was 45 tons. Part of it goes into the refrigerator, in order for me to have enough meat in a kitchen until the New Year,” said Seta.

Ismet Sljoka (79) is happy that there is a soup kitchen. The Eid meat that he received today, he said, means a lot to him.

“I do not have anyone, I do not have electricity or water, I am sick. This is good for me, and the food is warm,” he said.

(Source: Radiosarajevo.ba)

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