Last Year, Jewels worth 15 Million BAM were imported to BiH

Unlike 2020, last year was much more attractive related to the imports into Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) when it comes tojewelry items and their parts made of precious metals or metals clad with precious metals.

In 2020, jewelry items worth 7.601.885 BAM were imported. That the demand has increased is confirmed by the data of the Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA) of BiH for 2021, according to which last year these precious metals were imported in the value of 15.143.014 BAM. This is also the highest amount ever recorded in our country.

Well-known Sarajevo goldsmith Fahrudin Sofic told ” that the prices of gold and jewels are stable.

That’s why those who have money were buyers. That is the only reason so much jewelry has been imported. During the pandemic, the demand for diamonds was 90 percent lower, catastrophic for us. Someone invested a significant amount in diamonds, and Turkish companies deal with it the most, ” Sofic noted.

At the same time, according to the ITA, gold imports dropped significantly. So, in 2020, gold was imported at a value of 1.599.033 BAM, and last year only 656.743 BAM.

The total import of gold, platinum, jewelry and their parts made of precious metals in 2021 amounted to 40.790.409 BAM, and the year before 28.370.145 BAM. Last year was also a record year in terms of imports of precious metals.

Last year’s export amounted to 48.473.529 BAM and is higher than in 2020 by almost 15 million BAM. Waste and scrap from precious metals or from metals plated for precious metals with a total value of 44.404.936 BAM were exported the most.

According to the ITA, not a single gram of base metal or silver plated with gold in the form of semi-finished products was imported last year. In 2020, it was imported for only 1.145 BAM.

What has not been imported to BiH for years are base metals, silver or gold, which are plated. The last import was in 2017 when the goods in the value of 5.050 BAM entered our country.


Source: Avaz

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