Kavazovic: Merkel, Orban, and Macron are partly responsible for the Escalation of Serbian Nationalism

Reisu-l-ulema of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) dr. Husein ef. Kavazovic, while commenting on a series of incidents and threats across BiH entity of Republika Srpska (RS) and Sandzak, but also messages from the celebration of the unconstitutional day of RS, he stated that “the escalation of Serbian nationalism that we are witnessing these days is not only the responsibility of Serbian nationalists.”

European statesmen like Victor Orban, Angela Merkel, and Emmanuel Macron are also responsible for this. In past years, they have all praised Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who has revived and fueled that nationalism, “ Kavazovic pointed out.

Earlier yesterday, Kavazovic condemned the incidents that took place in Priboj.

Religion has nothing to do with primitives. Christianity is a religion that preaches love and good relations among people. A primitive custom has crept into many holidays, which is reflected in hatred and enmity towards others,” Kavazovic told.

Also, he added that “Christians should never be equated with the primitive minority that will always exist.”

I hope that this silent majority will raise its voice against the primitive impulses of individuals. Unfortunately, in Serbia, that primitivism has become a part of the state system, and that is what worries us,” Kavazovic concluded.


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