What do the latest Election Results in Sarajevo say?

izbori 2016According to the data published by the Central Election Commission (CIK) of BiH yesterday, the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) won the majority of votes for the Municipal Council Centar Sarajevo, 27.32 percent, based on election results from 95.24 percent of processed polling places.

The following are: Our Party with 18.18 percent of votes, Democratic Front with 14.34 percent, Social Democratic Party of BiH with 13.08 percent, and the Alliance for Better Future (SBB BiH) with 9.15 percent.

Party of Retirees won 4.90 percent of votes in the Centar Municipality, while the Civil Federation won 4.17 percent of votes.

All polling places in the Municipality of Stari Grad have been processed and the SDA is in the lead with 22.52 percent of votes. Following are the First Independent List Stari Grad with 15.52 percent.

Novo Sarajevo is another municipality where data from all polling places was processed and SDA again won the most votes (25.91 percent), while Our Party won 16.66 percent. Democratic Front won 16.41 percent of votes, the SBB BiH 12 percent, and SDP BiH 9.95 percent.

Party of Retirees won 3.77 percent of votes in Novo Sarajevo, Civil Federation won 3.59 percent, while the Bosnian-Herzegovinian Patriotic Party Sefer Halilović (BPS) won 3.08 percent of votes.

In the most populous municipality of Sarajevo, Novi grad, 88.28 percent of voting places have been processed according to these data of the CIK BiH.again, the winner is SDA with 36.65 percent of votes. Following parties are Our party with 10.86 percent, Democratic Front with 10.81 percent, SBB BiH with 9.90 percent, SDP BiH with 7.96 percent, and Bosnian party – Mirnes Ajanović with 6.96 percent of votes.

The BPS Sefer Halilović won 3.13 percent of votes in Novi Grad and the Union of Social Democrats in BiH won 3.10 percent of votes in the same municipality.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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