Lazio interested in Adnan Zahirović

zahirovic_trenira_u_minsku_ocekuje_se_potpis_ugovora_222702_98224_big-546x348According to Italian press, Italian football club ‘Lazio’ where BiH player Senad Lulić plays is interested in acquiring yet another BiH player, this time Adnan Zahirović, who plays in Dinamo Minsk.

Sports manager of Lazio Igli Tare put Zahirović on the list of possible players that should be acquired.

Zahirović was born in Banja Luka in 1990, finished primary school in Travnik, and went to youth school of FC ”Čelik” from Zenica, and had its debut for its first team in 2008. He quickly became the football player in U21 team and he is now indispensable in BiH national football team.

In 2011 he started playing for Spartak Nalchik and in 2013 he went to play for Dinamo Minsk.



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