Which is the Leading Brand in BiH?

argetaThe survey on trademarks of consumer goods conducted by the company Valicon in BiH, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia, and Serbia showed that Coca-Cola is the new leading brand on the list and that the regional brands almost caught up the global ones in representation.

Coca-Cola replaced the position with Milka, the last year’s leader, which is now the second strongest brand, while the third place belongs to Cedevita, who took the position from Vegeta.

Chipsy, Kiki candies and Sprite soft drink also entered the top 25 brands.

Another brand that has made a big step up is toothpaste Colgate, which replaced last year’s ranking from the 21st place with the 11th place this year.

Last year’s result of the survey was 15:10 in favor of global brands, and this year, the result is 13:12 for global brands. “Regional team” in its top 25 list included Chipsy and Kiki, while “Global team” included Sprite. This apparent shift in the balance of power indirectly confirms that the trend of localization / geo-origin is not only already taking hold but it is showing the first results as well. When it comes to BiH, two regional brands entered the top 10 – Chipsy and Pardon, and Argeta remains local leader. Donat Mg entered the top 10 brands in Slovenia, while Barcaffe maintained its leading position.

When it comes to Croatia, Jana is still the leading brand in the market as the representative of bottled water among the top 25 regional brands, and Domacica (Kras) is new among the top 10 list this year.

Moja kravica is the only brand in the region that is present among the local top 10 in two categories – Moja kravica milk and Moja kravica yogurt are among the top 10 brands in Serbia.

On the list in Macedonia, one of biggest jumps in the top 10 is made by Colgate toothpaste, which entered the top 10 and immediately took the 4th position, as stated from the Valicon.


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