Library Sarajevo-‘Babies Love Libraries!’

bebe_bibliotekaThe library of Sarajevo at the American Corner is organizing a gathering called ‘Babies Love Libraries!’. Numerous studies have shown that children who speak and read from an early age develop faster, are more interested in the environment, learn faster, do better in communicating with others, develop better reading skills, and are prepared for independent reading. Therefore, reading to a child should become a part of everyday interaction between parents and children. Telling stories to your baby, as well as reading aloud, is one of the most beautiful, but also the most important tasks of child rearing.

The event called ‘Babies Love Libraries!’ will take place in the American Corner today at 11:00.

This event is intended for babies up to two years old to play, sing songs and read stories with American Librarian Laura Wray.

(Source: Fena)

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