Life Story of Nadi Hasandedic: Daughter of a Legend from Mostar to marry Multimillionaire from Australia

Nadi and MillionairThe fact that love knows no age is proven by the last story from Australia where Nadi Hasandedic (37), a successful model from BiH will marry Australian millionaire Neville Crighton (71).

In the last couple of days, numerous international media are writing about one million dollars’ worth wedding that will take place in the Great Hall of the University of Sydney. Everything is more or less known about Neville Crighton, who is 34 years older than his future wife.

However, almost no one knows anything about Nadi Hasandedic. According to the residents of the city on the Neretva River, she is daughter of the late Mugdim Hasandedic Mugda, a legend from Mostar, who went to Australia back in 1957.

He started a successful business there and rapidly gained great wealth that he was sharing with his fellow citizens for years. Everyone had only words of praise about Mugdim and his deeds that are still talked about in Mostar.

“I personally knew him and he was one great man and humanist. He is probably the first man from Mostar who went to Australia and became quite rich. He was a true gentleman and a great man. He was helping everyone, and never wanted a praise. He helped many people from Mostar to go to Australia, and he was helping them to find a job there and gave them money. Mugda had a big heart and it would be nice to have more people like him. He also had his ships, and the captain on one of them was Esad Juklo from Mostar,” says Emir Balic, the legendary jumper from Mostar’s Old Bridge.

“The whole meaning of his life was to help others. It’s hard to find anyone in Mostar who has something bad to say about Mugdim. We all gladly remember this wealthy man,” says Hamdija Jahic, former mayor of Mostar.

“Her real name is Nadina. As I remember, the family Hasandedic returned to Mostar after the war, where they tore down the old house and made a lot bigger one where still lives Senada Hasandedic, wife of the late Mugdim Hasandedic Mugda, who died just a month after he made a new house for his family. Besides Nadi, he had two more daughters with Senada, Jasmina, and Sanja, but he also had another marriage before Senada in which he had two sons. They are in good relationship with Nadi and her sisters. Australian millionaire Neville Crighton visited Mostar last year, and he was delighted with the beauty of the city on the Neretva River. He took VIP box to enjoy the jumps from the Old Bridge with Nadi and their friends. Invitations for the wedding recently arrived for their relatives, and Senada went to Australia to help her daughter with the organization of big celebrations,” said one of Nadi’s neighbors.

Citizens of Mostar revealed few more stories about her father who is considered as the legend of Mostar with a good reason. According to one of the stories, when he came from Australia to America, he was coming back with a suitcase full of money, so his people of trust were waiting for him at the airport and carried the money to the bank. Another story among older fans of Velez says that Mugda was rewarding all the players who were scoring goals for Velez.

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