Liter of Fuel in B&H to cost around 1 BAM?

Cheaper Fuel avaz.baOnly a year ago, price of the barrel of oil was $107 while these days, it is a little more than $43 on the European market and under $39 on the American market. Thus the price fell to the lowest level since 2009 which means that, in just a year it fell for even 60%. If we are thinking on the logic of vehicle owners, price of the fuel should be around 1 BAM.

Namely, in the time when a barrel was more than $100, liter of fuel was 2.45 BAM. Today the barrel is cheaper for 60%, and the price of the fuel fell in average for just a few percent, which caused a dissatisfaction of the public. There is a question why the price of the fuel is falling slower than the price of the oil?

A large share in the retail price of the fuel is payments to the country. Due to that, price of the fuel is not harmonized with the price of the crude oil because the part that belongs o the state remains relatively unchanged.

The retail price of the fuel is affected by the fact that the most of the oil used in the region is acquired from the so-called Mediterranean oil market. It needs to include the costs of refining, transport, the dollar course related to euro, i.e. mark, and many other parameters.


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