Connection to the Highway A1: Works on the Final Stage, Asphalting to start

works3LOT2 of the Sarajevo bypass or connecting on the A1 highway is slowly taking its final form and works contractors are making evident progress on the construction of this very important infrastructural facility.

The first part of the road, LOT 2A (Butila – Briješće), is consisted of 2,700 meters of the route and 720 meters long viaduct Briješće, double profile bridge and two ramps, 130 meters long. The second part, LOT 2B (Briješće – Stup), is already constructed, 530 meters long road.

Works on the route LOT 2A are on the final stage. Most extensive works are currently taking place on the viaduct, or the bridge which consists of total of 22 spans, from which several of them are passing over the future roundabout.

“The scaffolding is in the process of preparations and asphalting of span 19-20 is taking place at the moment. Pillar 20 is placed in the center of the roundabout and due to the installations of scaffolds on that range, traffic from the left and right side of the bridge is redirected to the second half of the future roundabout (right side of the roundabout) which was conducted to the level of tampons. Now we are driving on the contours of the future roundabout,” explained Behudin Strojil, Chief Manager for the objects.

After completing the works on the span 19-20 and removing scaffolding, traffic will be switched to the left side of the roundabout, and the finishing works on the left half will be finalized. After the construction of span 21-22 and removing of scaffolding, the roundabout will be fully operational.

The roundabout will take the shape of ellipse, with external diameter of 108 meters and 97 meters, including 2 traffic lanes.

Development of the reinforced concrete panels on the second half of the bridge and ramps is currently taking place, while waterproofing works and installation of the fence for asphalting are taking place on the first half of the bridge.

“We are working on the completion of works on the route app. 2,700 meters long, or on the connection with the highway, as well as on the completion of work on access and local roads. We are working on a noise protection, and works on the middle road and the preparation of half a roundabout for asphalting, “said Strojil.

The investor is Public Company Roads Federation of B&H, and the works are performed by Euro-asphalt and ŽGP, and the total value of contracted works is estimated on 23,365,226 BAM.

Deadline for the completion of all works is on the last day of February 2016, which is also including the overpass over the railway, which should be restored right after the construction of connectors on the Highway A1.


(Source: klix.ba)

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