Dairy Inmer awarded with Gold for the Quality of Yoghurt

Inmer Gradacac Gold Medal seebiz.netAt the 42nd Plum Fair in Gradacac, the dairy Inmer was awarded with a Golden medal for quality for Dukat liquid yoghurt with 3.2 percent of milk fat, produced in the dairy Inmer in Gradacac. The quality of Dukat liquid yoghurt and other  products in competition for this recognition was assessed by expert committee consisted of representatives from the Fair and the Faculty of Agriculture in Sarajevo. This is one more quality recognition for the dairy Inmer, which operates within the company Lactalis BH.

At the award presenting ceremony, the Gold medal for Dukat liquid yoghurt with 3.2 percent of milk fat was presented to the director of the dairy Inmer, Mr Boze Vidic. “The recognition of quality, both by the expert public and by several million consumers, is a result of constant investing in our production plants and technology in B&H. So far, Lactalis Group invested over 16.5 million BAM in the dairy Inmer, and this year additional two million BAM will be invested in order to maintain the quality of products at the highest level”, said the Head of Marketing of the company Lactalis BH, Haris Kadenic.

Products made of fresh BH milk by the recipes, knowledge and long-term experience of the French Lactalis, along with the assistance of young team of domestic experts, arrive daily from the production plants of Inmer to the shelves in the stores across B&H and contries of the region.

Thereby, except for the dairy Inmer, this is also a recognition for over 3.600 farmers from B&H from whom Inmer purchases milk for the production of over 60 products of the brands Dukat, Brzo&Fino, Dar prirode and Domace blago.


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