Center for Recycle of used Tires to be built in Lukavac

Center for Recycling Tire in Lukavac vrelegume.rsCompany Energy Solution in Tuzla launched activities on the implementation of the project of construction of the Center for recycling used tire, which will be located in the industrial zone in Lukavac. The main project also foresees the construction of a plant for recycling used car tires at the locality of the industrial zone in Lukavac.

Main components of the planned plant originate from China, while the additional equipment was purchased from Ukraine, whose purpose is precisely the reconstruction of old car tires, plastics and other waste rubber products. Structural part of the project will process the AB plate along the production facility at which the external part of the plant will be placed (approximately 400 square meters).

“Products of recycling car tires, combined with the latest technology for these activities, will be a decisive advantage over the competition on the market of B&H, as well as in the stated segment in which the company wants to specialize (waste tires in B&H are nowadays most commonly used in thermal power plants as propellant, which results in a very harmful effect on the environment)”, it is the data from the non-technical summary of the request for environmental permit.

Namely, the Center for recycling used tires is planned to be constructed at the site of the former company Messer Tehnoplin Ltd. Sarajevo, precisely the working unit “Production of acetylene and bottling plant for technical gases Lukavac” on a 10.000 square meter plot, of which around 2.500 square meters are to be covered in facilities.

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