Professor from Sarajevo in Team of Researchers for Coronavirus Vaccine at the Prestigious Oxford University

In the team of scientists working at the University of Oxford on the coronavirus vaccine and research on immunity that is important for the vaccine, as revealed by the Klix.ba portal, there is also one of our top scientists, born Sarajevan, Tatjana Sauka-Spengler.

Sauka-Spengler has a fascinating academic career, and was recently named a full professor at this British university, one of the most prestigious in the world.

She is a professor of developmental genomics and gene regulation, and was educated at the University of Paris, the famous Sorbonne and Prague.

Nevertheless, she began her university education at the University of Sarajevo, where she studied theoretical physics. With prior knowledge in chemistry and physics and published papers and awards, this Sarajevan has found her place in a team of scientists doing research on the effect of the virus on the immune system.

Oxford University is developing its vaccine with the American company AstraZeneca, and according to optimistic announcements, it should be in use as early as December this year.

The coronavirus vaccine should probably mean the end of the uncertain fight against the pandemic that has completely changed everyone’s lives and killed more than a million people.

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