Seller gave a Two-year Warranty without Cover for 100 Respirators, Chinese Service Technicians have no Solution for Repair

The contract on the sale of goods concluded by the Federal Civil Protection Administration (FUCZ) and the company “Srebrena Malina” on April 3rd this year also contains a part that talks about the quality and warranty on the goods that are the subject of the contract, and that is respirators. Respirators paid 10.5 million BAM are not usable today, at least a few of them that Belgrade experts tried to put into operation, writes.

Namely, the output parameters of oxygen that deviate from acceptable values are disputable. But who is to blame and who will repair or replace valuable medical equipment, everyone is wondering, and no one has the answer.

The famous contract between FUCZ and “Silver Raspberry” states: “The seller undertakes that the delivered goods referred to in Article 1 of this Agreement are of the required quality, ie the one given in the offer selected by the buyer as the most favorable. The quantities and quality of goods subject to this Agreement will be controlled by the MTS employee for public health of the Federation of BiH … “, it is stated in that part. The seller is “Silver Raspberry”, and the buyer is FUCZ. Therefore, “Srebrena Malina”, as a seller, is obliged to report all contractual obligations in a timely manner, within the agreed deadline, professionally and with quality. And it is also committed to a respirator warranty – for two years.

“The warranty period for the goods is 24 months and runs from the day of delivery of the goods,” the contract states.

Deputy Director of FUCZ Mustafa Kadribegovic told that he stated that “Silver Raspberry” in the contract gave a guarantee for 24 months and that this is currently a matter for the legal service.

“We have the right to claim the goods if defects are found, to be replaced or serviced. Now the situation is awkward because ‘Silver Raspberry’ is not a servicer of these devices and that’s it. The contract does not provide a bank guarantee, so as for the refund there is nothing.

“Yesterday, we sent an official letter to ‘Silver Raspberry’ to inform them as a supplier about that guarantee, that they are aware of the problem and to get involved in solving it,” says Kadribegovic. FUCZ could claim its rights in court, but given the efficiency of BH justice system, it will take many years.

As it is found out yesterday, the authorities from the company Professional Medic from Belgrade, who donated their respirator installation services to the Federation of BiH, got in touch with Chinese service technicians and presented them with verifications and deviations.

However, they did not receive an answer to the questions, so they will continue to look for a solution in the coming days in the development sector of the Chinese company.

Sarajevo’s “Verlab” previously told that the system error is obviously the same on all devices and that the service technician should contact the manufacturer and see exactly what the problem is. The fact is that the Belgrade company “Professional Medic” is not an authorized repairer of a specific Chinese manufacturer, but it was the only one to respond after two failed public calls from FUCZ and tried to put them into operation.

The Federal Administration of Civil Protection procured 100 respirators through the company “Srebrena Malina”, which were paid 10.5 million BAM.

Due to the suspicious procurement, state prosecutors opened a case in which the suspected Prime Minister of Federation of BiH Fadil Novalic, the suspended director of FUCZ Fahrudin Solak, the owner of “Silver Raspberry” Fikret Hodzic and the director of the Agency for Medicines of BiH Aleksandar Zolak.

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