Ljubomir Sarac from BiH received the Royal Medals for Innovations

Ljubomir SaracLjubomir Sarac from Bratunac is a self-taught scientist who received a number of awards for his innovations, for which he was honored by kings of Spain and Belgium. The awards that he received opened him the doors of the European Union. At the same time, in BiH, many do not know that he even exists.

He invented ski hairdryer, a device that reduces CO2 emissions, solar panels, and clocks without spirals, but behind him are also learning, perseverance, disappointment, faith, and sacrifice.

Ljubomir stated that he never went to Belgrade without bringing at least one book. They were not novels but professional literature for which he gave his last money. He bought books on loan, taught them by heart and made devices that he was reading about. He proudly says that he is still learning.

He read about CO2 emissions 30 years ago in the journal Galaxy, which was his way in the world of science and technology. Thus, he made a device that preserves the oil, reduces fuel consumption and emission of CO2 from 29 to 1 % per cubic meter, five years ago.

“People were talking a lot about the warming of the atmosphere, that ozone is punctured and weakened, that UV radiation is killing us due to the large CO2 emissions, so when a huge fuss was made about it, I realized that then is the best time. The device was tested on one taxi. We changed the oil and filter, recorded the mileage and taxi would drive without the device. Then we would do the same for the second time but we would install my device in the car. I sent the oil for analysis and the results were excellent. With this device you can go twice as many kilometers and with the cheapest oil,” he says.

After that, he made a solar panel almost twice stronger than the existing ones, and then he invented a clock without helix.

“It is as if the man has no heart, but he’s alive. The spiral in the clock is like the heart of a man. I arranged business for the clock with the Swiss, and for solar energy with the Czechs and I am obliged to go there to make a prototype,” says Ljubomir.

“I received the recognition from the kings of Belgium and Spain for the best innovation. Spain awarded me with the Second Order. In the jury were 110 members, and I managed to succeed. All of them told me that I do not even know what I got, they said that I will not stand in line anywhere in EU, and I’ve already experienced that. My son made an e-mail for me and as soon as they see my picture they answer the same day and thank me for contacting them at all. I represented myself and BiH in the best light. When they called my name in Brussels, they said BiH, not Bratunac nor the RS. This fair is in the same rank as the Oscars for the films,” said innovator.

He believes that 2017 is the time to harvest all the rewards for the past 50 years. Ljubomir’s wife Joka jokes that he should be happy that she did not leave him in all those years, but their life spent in innovation and sacrifices will eventually pay off.

(Source: A. Z./Klix.ba)

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