Lybian Delegation Visited Klas Company

The Delegation of the Agency for Privatization and Investment Program of Libya spoke with representatives of the FBiH Agency for Privatization during its stay in BiH. They also visited Klas and hoped to gain further details on the aspects of the privatization of one company, according to “Oslobođenje”.

The Director of Klas Haris Kuskunović spoked of the main activities of Klas, production, equipment and historical trends of the company after he wished the delegation a warm welcome.

“Klas is a company that is celebrating 110 years of its existence and that has undergone several systems in its history. We produce 160.000 tons of finished products annually and have around 1.000 employees. When it comes to the business activities of Klas, in first place is milling and then bakeries. We have the most modern equipment, and milss for processing of wheat, barley and corn’’, said Kuskunović.

The Privatization Agency from Libya is on a visit to countries in the former Yugoslavia and started with BiH, and added that this visit is important due to the establishment of economic relations between the two countries.

“The meeting with people from Klas was very successful. I am very optimistic and I hope that their advice would be helpful. Klas is one of the companies that passed through all aspects of privatization and has the experience that Libya requires. Of course, we will use all advice that we received from the owner Mujo Selimović, and we will use it to apply it to our needs. In every case, it was very interesting to hear through which phases Klas has passed. What additionally instills confidence in us is the fact that the owner understands the Libyan market well’’, said Professor Abdalla I. Shamia after the meeting.

Ali Berzig, member of the Agency for Privatization and one of the directors of the sector in this agency believes that all information would be extremely useful during privatization in Libya.

“By visiting Klas and speaking with the owner of this company, we had the opportunity to see how everything looks in practice. This experience is of great importance to us’’, said Berzig.

After BiH, the Libyan delegation plans to visit Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia.

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