Man from Prijedor produces Poison with Diamond Value

beesSeason in beekeeping just have ended. For Sulejman Jakupović, a former policeman and current passionate beekeeper, this was a record one.

Almost 600 beehives means several tons of honey and almost 2 kilograms of honey bee venom, apitoxin.

This venom is worth almost like a diamond, a gram of it costs 70 USD. It pays off, but it is hard, he explained.

He went to China for the secret of production of this toxin. Around 90,000 bites is necessary for one gram of toxin.

Honey bee venom is healing. It has been used in pharmacy, anti-wrinkle treatments, and the Botox. It is also used for the treatment of about 40 autoimmune diseases.

Without the help of the state, and because of the love for his bees, Sulejman is patiently building his business. He states that only 7 % of the natural resources of B&H is used in the production of honey.

His venom is on the world market.



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