Manifestation “Days of Flowers” Open in Prijedor

DANI CVIJEĆAAt the small square in Prijedor today the tourist-economic manifestation “Days of Flowers” opened, where eight flower producers from the region and the local utility company gathered.

The Mayor of Prijedor Marko Pavić stressed that the intention of the city government, which is the organizer of this event for the fifth year in a row, is the popularization of greenhouses as a form of employment.

“All exhibitors that we visited were satisfied with the presentation of their products, because in addition to exhibiting their products, this is the time for them to sell their products”, said Pavić.

He added that this manifestation fits into the spring action of decorating the city, which is currently in talks, and said that the city administration this year gave significant funds to stimulate this production, which should be expanded.

The Head of the Office for Improvement of Agriculture Tatjana Marić confirmed that the city this year for overall greenhouse production for around 30 hectares allocated 37.500 KM.

This manifestation will be open until 30 April

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