Language fair in Grammar School ‘Obala’ has opened

sajam jezikaIn Grammar School ‘Obala’ , the Language Fair was opened today, and many students participated. Students greeted visitors with colourful stands, music programs, reports

The theme of this year’s fair is tourism, and it was opened with the musical program of Choir and Orchestra of the school. Students of the Bosnian stand held a folk dance performance, and in the hall of the school documentary film on Počitelj was shown.

The fair was conceived so that the students and visitors would acquaint themselves with different cultures and peoples, and as a part of the fair English, German, French, Italian and Latin language were presented and 17 countries.

Teacher of the school Azra Bidžan said that the project was supported by the US Embassy and that it is an interdisciplinary project that has the aim to promote the study of foreign languages as well  as the mother tongue.


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