How many People from BiH live abroad?

leaveAccording to the latest information from the Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees in BiH, about 2 million citizens of BiH live abroad.

The Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of BiH said that the main causes of migration in BiH is the economy.

“Youth unemployment in BiH is still concerning and it amounts to 65.3 % for 2014 – only one of eight young people aged 16-24 is employed compared to one in three in the European Union”.

“The Ministry has no information on the number of descendants of second and third generation of immigrants, but it is estimated that the total number of people originally from BiH who are living abroad, could amount to about 2 million, which includes the number of persons born in BiH (1 671 177) plus the assessment of the number of their children,” as stated from the Ministry.

According to the World Bank, the emigration rate in BiH in December 2015, in relation to the number of population in the country, is 44.5 %, which puts our country at very high 16th place in the world out of total of 214 countries and territories.

According to the same data, with such a high rate of emigration, BiH is far ahead of Serbia (18%) and Croatia (20.9%), and even ahead of Albania (43.6%), which has for years been the leading country in Europe by the rate of emigration in relation to the total population in the country.

The largest number of emigrant communities live in Croatia (409,357), Serbia (335,992), Germany (159,380), Austria (149755), the USA (132,255), Slovenia (96,921), Switzerland (57,542) and Sweden (56,477).

(Source: klix.ba)

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