The RS Government to stop a Lawsuit on the Census Results?

Census Results bhrt.baThe Government of the RS has suggested that there is no consensus on filing a lawsuit to the Court of BiH, and the Office of Attorney General was asked to further consult with ministers.

The government of the RS did not give a consent to the Office of Attorney to press charges or an administrative dispute, regarding the alleged illegal announcement of census results in BiH.

Our sources claim that the Institute of Statistics on the 15th of July submitted a proposal of the lawsuits o the Office of Attorney, in order to cancel illegal Program of processing of the census data,  that is the decision of the director of Agency for Statistics of BiH, Velimir Jukic. However, the Institute distanced itself from the fact that the Government of RS has discussed this issue on the 14th of July and concluded that it is necessary to carry out additional consultations.

Also, the Government has suggested to the Institute that there are no consents for filing a lawsuit on the Court of BiH and the Office of Attorney General was asked to further consult with the ministers.

Public Attorney’s Office has done that by addressing the Ministry of Finance of RS, whose administrative organization is the Republic Bureau for Statistics. However, the required consent for the lawsuit did not reach the legal deadline, on the 18th of July, although the RS Government claims that Jukic’s move was illegal.

After this, the Office of Attorney General of RS does not have the authority to conduct further proceedings in this case. The Ministry of Justice of RS has been informed on this matter and the Office of Attorney General has meanwhile got informed about the transcript of the 82nd session of the RS government, from which it follows that “there is no political will for the adoption of a lawsuit in this matter, because the Government believes that we should take a stand on a higher level and conduct further consultations”.

(Source: slobodna-bosna.ba)

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