Mayor of Sarajevo Received Inaugural Visit of Polish Ambassador

8761Mayor of Sarajevo Ivo Komšić received yesterday the Ambassador of Poland to BiH Andrzej Krawczyk in an inaugural visit, and wished him a successful diplomatic mandate in our country.

Ambassador Krawczyk contragulated the Mayor on his election on his behalf and in the name of the President of the city of Warsaw.

Mayor Komšić thanked him for this and called on Poland to become included with its program in the manifestation to mark the beginning of the First World War, which will be held next year in Sarajevo.

“The manifestation ‘Sarajevo-European Bridge of Culture 2014’ will send a message that Sarajevo is a city of peace, coexistence and unity, and not a place for the beginning of wars and conflicts’’, said Mayor Komšić

Ambassador Krawczyk gladly accepted the invitation to participate in this manifestation, and said that the famous painter Pablo Picasso, who painted a legendary dove with an olive branch, created a symbol of hope for peace and with that supported the World Peace Conference held in Warsaw.

“The presentation of Picasso’s dove of peace in Sarajevo would circle all events in the Jubilee 2014 year’’, said Krawczyk, announced form the city Press Office.

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