Mazda recorded New Commercial in BiH! (Photo+Video)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”] The famous Japanese automaker Mazda chose the location of the former military airport Zeljava near Bihac to record their new commercial.

Although JNA destroyed it with explosives during the retreat in 1992, the, underground military airport and a former base of the Yugoslav National Army (JNA) – Zeljava, which is located on the border of BiH and Croatia, still can be used for different purposes.

Japanese Mazda realized this as well, and filmed their new commercial in cold tunnels of Zeljava.

Commercial was recorded this summer, and recording lasted for two weeks.

For selection of the location are responsible guys from Croatia Infiltration Team from Croatia, who said that some tunnels in the complex were cleared for the purposes of recording, which is why the airport, at least to some extent, is in better condition than it was before shooting the commercial.

Take a look at the video.

(Source: M. C./Klix.ba)

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