Medina Placo saved the Life of a Fellow Citizen while shopping in the Mall in Sarajevo

Twenty-six-year-old Medina Placo saved the life of her fellow citizen in the shopping center in Sarajevo on Tuesday by providing first aid until the arrival of the ambulance team.

We rarely have the opportunity to hear about the good deeds of modest people, and following the information about the unpleasant event that occurred in the Alta shopping center, journalists came to the heroine Medina Placo, who saved the life of a man who lost consciousness and collapsed on the floor.

In an interview, Placo told what happened, and as she said, it all started with the sound of a strong blow to the floor.

At that moment, I was a customer at the Bingo store in the Alta shopping center, in the fruit and vegetable department. With my back turned, the moment I heard a loud bang, I turned around and saw a man lying unconscious on the ground. I approached the man together with other people who were there, and since the foam started to come out of his mouth and he became stiff, I thought it was an epileptic seizure. I put him in a sideways position and cleared his airways, ” mentioned our interlocutor and added that at that moment his wife came and denied that he had epilepsy and that her husband had problems with high blood pressure.

The wife of the victim said that she did not know if he had taken the therapy, after which Placo put the man in the position of autotransfusion after he started to turn blue.

“I checked the pulse on the neck and arm, but there was no pulse. At that moment I started resuscitation and after ten minutes established a pulse. Then colleagues from the Emergency Department arrived and took over the case. I am just a doctor of medicine, I have never had a similar case, I did not work in the profession, although professors at the Medical Faculty of the University of Sarajevo prepared us professionally and responsibly for such situations, for which I am grateful, ” said Medina, adding that her duty was to provide assistance at the scene.

Also, she mentioned that she, together with her colleagues in Canton Sarajevo is still waiting for a job and that, like most people, they are still unemployed, even half a year after graduation.

In the end, she added that the eyewitnesses were surprised by the reaction and expressed happiness that there is someone who is ready to come to the rescue when needed.


Source: Klix.ba

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