Sarovic: People are currently dealing with the issues of War

SDS President Mirko Sarovic called for calming tensions and common sense, referring to the current political situation of escalating conflicts and threats.

“Everything we have witnessed in recent days, from inflammatory rhetoric and, unfortunately, to the images and actions that such policies have led to – will not take us anywhere! On the contrary. And that is why stop rattling with weapons, “the SDS president said.

He warned that all we see now are scenes of interesting and terrible directing of well-established but disastrous policies on the principle – for the goal, stay in power, do not choose means, even if everyone walked on the edge of complete chaos.

“People are currently dealing with the issues of war, they are talking about it, conflicts are more and more pronounced on social networks, the media are full of images of weapons and the people are in fear!” “Does anyone in power feel responsible for this situation and who really needs it?” Sarovic asked.

Sarovic suggested that the people here need a normal life and not a new downfall.

“People need existence, hope and progress, not a return to the past and a downturn in which they are persistently pushing us with such policies,” said Sarovic, reports the SDS Sector for Politics and Media.

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