Meeting of Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation of BiH and Hungary From 23-24 May

rukovanje_aThe Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation between BiH and Hungary will hold the third session in Sarajevo from 23-24 May.

The Co-Chairs of the Joint Commission are Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH Ermina Salkičević-Dizdarević and the State Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Economic Relations of Hungary Péter Szijjártó.

On 24 May they will sign a protocol with the III session of the Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation between BiH and Hungary, and on this occasion a Memorandum on understanding will be signed between the Agency for Foreign Investment Promotion (FIPA) and the Hungarian Promotion Agency for Investment and Trade (HITA).

The Deputy Director of FIPA Blaženka Mišković will sign on behalf of BiH, and the Deputy Director of HITA will sign on behalf of Hungary.

The Joint Commission for Economic Cooperation between BiH and Hungary was established in accordance with the agreement on economic cooperation between the BiH Council of Ministers and the Hungarian government, which was signed on 22 November 2006.

At the III session, it is scheduled that there will be a discussion on bilateral economic relations with the goal to identify new opportunities for the future development of economic cooperation, and to initiate proposals to improve conditions for economic cooperation between businesses in these two countries.

The BIH side will emphasize an interest in encouraging mutual investment, and speak with the Hungarian side on the opportunities to invest in BiH. There will be discussions on the opportunities to improve cooperation in the areas of mutual interest, such as agriculture and agro-industry, energy, industry, small and medium businesses, environmental protection, transport, IT and tourism.

At the session they will emphasize that the development of bilateral economic and trade relations has a significant contribution on the exchange of information tied to the opportunities for trade and investment in both countries, as well as encouraging businesses to participate in international affairs, exhibitions and conferences in BiH and Hungary.

With this in mind, the BiH side will propose to organize B2B meetings at the end of 2013 for small and medium businesses under the organization of the chambers of commerce.

(Source: Fena)

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