Mehmed Delic dug 5 million years old Shells!

12767285_1733908286845848_335651153_n“I was cleaning my field. At a depth of 70 centimeters, I found the first shell. I continued digging and I found more of them. I’ve collected them for my collection,” said Mehmed Delic from Delici in BiH, who found fossils of about 5 million years old shells.

I will not give these fossilized shells to anyone. I’ll keep them for future generations and pass the story about the existence of the Pannonian Sea from generation to generation,” said Mehmed.

Pannonian Sea “left” our region around 5 to 6 million years ago. However, it is possible even today to come across the evidence of this sea, and even on its remains. The latest evidence was discovered in BiH near Gracanica, near the road Gracanica – Orasje. In the village of Borik in the area of Soko, there are excavations that contain huge amounts of sediment, gravel and sand, for which experts state that they are remains of the Pannonian Sea. The greatest proof of the existence of the Pannonian Sea are fossils of shells and sea organisms.

In the village Delici, 6 kilometers away from Gracanica, almost every house has its own collection of fossilized shells.

Zeljko Zubanovic, priest in Klakar, near Slavonski Brod, is an excellent expert in of shells and he concluded that the fossils of shells and urchins are proof that the area in Slavonia, Posavina and northern Bosnia were covered by the Pannonian Sea.

In Delici, fossils of shells or stones with holes are found often. Almost every house has a collection of fossils. In the Pannonian Sea in the zone of strong waves lived bivalve mollusks with thick shell, and in the deep sea with thin shell.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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