Mektic: In BiH is present Tolerant Islam that does not affect the others

Dragan Mektić vijesti.baYesterday, “Shaping our common future: Prevention is the most important in the fight against the terrorism” conference was held in Sarajevo where the main topic was the fight against terrorism in Europe.

After completion of the first panel of the conference, the media were addressed by the Minister of Security of BiH Dragan Mektic as one of the participants of the conference.

“We talked about how to integrate the challenge of radicalism and terrorism, which is at this point reflected in the problems of Islamic radicalism, in the context of European values. This conference was not accidentally agreed in Sarajevo because most of the international organizations consider that tolerant Islam is present in BiH which respects all the values of Islam that do not harm anyone else,” said Mektic.

He said that they also talked about populism on the conference, which leads Europe to strained relations and the ways how to overcome that.

“I think that the conference is very good, very good suggestions are being sent and a lot is being said about media and their role in the fight against extremism. I was fascinated by the idea of “euroislam”, the organization of euroislamic conference which would not promote the new Islam, but the Islam in accordance with all European values.

To recall, the conference was organized by BiH and Austria with the participation of representatives from a total of 13 countries from the region as well as EU, EUROPOL, OSCE, youth and non-governmental sector.

(Source: I. P./Klix.ba)

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