Members of BiH Border Police seized more than 31 Kilograms of Marijuana

Members of Trebinje Border Police Administration at the Klobuk International Border Crossing on August 26th, 2019 prevented the smuggling of 31.7 kilograms of marijuana.

The narcotic drug was discovered by border control of a van of the Citroen brand, of Montenegro registration plates during the entrance in BiH.

During the inspection of the van, the floor was remodeled and, using specialist equipment, officers discovered 30 packages with 31.7 kilogram in a bunker built to hide the marijuana.

“The driver of A. M. initials, born in 1968, a Montenegrin citizen has been deprived of his liberty and will be referred to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH with the Report on the Perpetrated Crime of illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs.

Border police officers were supported during the search of the vehicle by members of the Police Directorate of the Trebinje Ministry of the Interior of Republika Srpska.

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