Positive News: Good people will build a House for Poturak Family!

Good people will build a house for a three-member Poturak family living in difficult conditions in the village of Drazmilo near Goradze.

This information was confirmed to Klix.ba portal by Vahid Poturak, who was present during the visit of people who have launched an action for the reconstruction of the house. Namely, the material has already arrived, and preparations for construction can start.

“A few days ago, a man from Sarajevo came to me, saying that his name is Sakib, and we talked. Today, he came with a truck to get ready for preparations, and I pray to God for weather to be nice. Many people visited me, I did not even believe that there were so many good people. We are struggling here, it is not easy to live. Every new winter is a danger, when it rains every moment the roof can collapse. I cannot fix the roof by myself, I do not have money for it,” Vahid said.

Many people provided the family with food or money, and the news that there are people who are interested in providing them with a normal roof over their heads is certainly the best news they could share.

“I am delighted that there are people who want to help because the situation is really tough. They are not looking for anything but helping to get their roof repaired, but this is not the solution, it can only help temporarily, they need a house. I am happy that there are people who will not allow this family to wait for the winter under these conditions, “said Samir Tabakovic, president of Beric community.

(Source: klix, photo Avaz)

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