Members of EUFOR’s LOT House in Visegrad took part in the Food Festival

The members of EUFOR’s LOT house in Visegrad took part in the food festival “Drinski kotlič 2019” at the Mehmed Pasa Sokolovic Bridge on Saturday the 14 September. The event, which ran with cooperation from the Municipal Tourist Organisation, attracted 15 teams from the Visegrad area.

The teams competed to produce the tastiest meal, which had to be cooked in one pot over an open fire. As well as EUFOR’s team, the Police Force, War Veteran Organisations, Fishermen, and Chefs from various restaurants in Visegrad took part in the festival.

Due to the stiff competition from the professional chefs the team from LOT house Visegrad didn’t manage to get a ‘podium position’ but they did manage to strengthen the good relations they have with the people of Visegrad and interact in friendly competition with a wide range of the local organisations.

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