Memorandum on Implementing Project Education By Measure of Child

A memorandum on understanding has been signed today in the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the Tuzla Canton between the organizations Save the Children, Pedagogical Institute of the Tuzla Canton and the Resource Cantonal Ministry on implementing the project “Education by Measure of Child-BiH on Road to EU”.

Minister Nađa Avdibašić-Vukadinović, Director of Save the Children Andrea Žeravčić and the Director of the Pedagogical Institute of Tuzla Canton Adem Šehidić signed the Memorandum.

The signing of the Memorandum formalized the agreement on the implementation of the project, and in line with increasing the capacity of schools through training in the application of the methodology of the index for inclusion, education for social justice and social cohesion in order to achieve inclusive changes in school culture, policy and practice.

Minister Avdibašić-Vukadinović emphasized the importance of the realization of the project, stating that its primary activity is to improve the conditions so that all children are enrolled in a pedagogical program and education.

“Activities that are planned are training of educators and teachers, so that implementation of preschool education actually works, and all in the goal of a quality educational process. During the implementation of the project 58 grammar schools will be equipped with one classroom each for the requirements of pre-school education’’, she said.

The Director of Save the Children highlighted that the promotion of integration and methodological inclusivity has as a goal the removal of barriers and providing high-quality learning, as well as achieving equal opportunity for the development of children.

“Regarding inclusion we are looking at a wider holistic approach, and continue to work to have the community included in the project. The project will bring a lot of good for the children in Tuzla Canton’’, she said.


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