Memorial to the Father of Bosnian Language erected in Tuzla

img_1378A memorial erected in honor of the great man Mehmed Hevai Uskufi was officially revealed today near the old mosque in the settlement Stara Dobrnja near Tuzla, the homeplace of Uskufi.

Mehmed Hevai Uskufi is the author of the oldest South Slavic dictionary of stokavian dialect in Europe, the father of Bosnian language, stated the Mayor of the City of Tuzla Jasmin Imamović.

“This is a humble memorial, but the first one in the history of BiH,” Imamović said.

Imamović announced that the next step is the construction of a memorial house that will be located across this memorial and dedicated to Uskufi.

Ceremony was attended by Soner Sahin, Attache for Culture and Tourism in the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in BiH, together with many representatives of public, cultural and business life of BiH.

“This memorial is a proof of how we used to be a whole centuries ago, but it is also a proof that we will continue living and working together in the future as well,” Sahin said.

The memorial was revealed by Imamović. Initiator of the project is the City of Tuzla, while the project holder is the International Portrait Gallery Tuzla.

Literate Mehmed Hevai Uskufi was born in 1601 in Dobrnja near Tuzla. At the age of 30, he wrote the capital work of his life, a Bosnian-Turkish dictionary, published in 1631 and known as Makbul-I Arif or Potur-Šahidija, one of the earliest dictionaries in South Slavic region.


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