Mercator officially taking over Konzum’s Stores

On Tuesday, the Supervisory Board of Mercator confirmed the termination of the contract for leasing 83 local shopping centers to Konzum and the settlement of unpaid rent through the purchase of equipment in these stores in favor of Mercator, it was announced by the Management Board of that company.

This has already been formalized in an agreement within the Agrokor Group that the trade that was acquired by Konzum during the purchase of Mercator in BiH is again part of the Mercator network and the Mercator brand.

Reacting to new published data on Agrokor’s business following anaudit, Slovenian Economy Minister Zdravko Pocivalsek told reporters that the negative results of Agrokor bought by Mercator in 2014 are not surprising because the Croatian concern did not spread on healthy foundations, and he repeated that the Slovenian government in the current crisis of Agrokor will strive to protect the Slovenian public interest.

“We will not allow the crisis in Agrokor to be transferred to Slovenia as an infectious disease and I believe that in the event of such attempts, the government will activate all possible remedies to prevent it,” Pocivalsek said at a press conference in Ljubljana.

In an interview for the Maribor newspaper Vecer, Pocivalsek said that the special law passed by the Slovenian government after the “lex Agrokor” was adopted in Croatia has protected the public interest in Slovenia, because the Slovenian law “suspends” the rule that the parent company may dictate dependent business decisions. This prevented the financial emptying of Mercator, said Pocivalsek.

The Slovenian media in connection with the crisis of Agrokor and its relations with Mercator say that the Slovenian government would like to see a new ownership structure and changes in business policy in Mercator, so that Mercator could survive in the long run on the market in the face of strong competition from foreign retail chains, since the company is of great importance as a channel for the sale of the Slovenian food and industrial goods, but also for the labor market, since Mercator employs ten thousand employees in Slovenia, according to Hina.


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