Miners from Five Mines in Bosnia started Strike

The miners of the remaining five companies from the Public Company Elektroprivreda Bosne i Hercegovine, in solidarity with the miners from Zenica and Breza, started a one-hour warning strike this morning at seven o’clock.

The President of the Trade Union of RMU Zenica, Izudin Spahijaj, confirmed that the Breza Mine Trade Union, as he said, respected the agreement and that mining solidarity prevailed, Avaz writes.

Also, he says, they received support from colleagues from the Kreka Mine Union.

The workers, he said, would leave the plateau in front of the mine after an hour and retreat to the mining premises and continue the general strike.

”We will lock ourselves in the room again and continue the hunger strike until the end. We are not giving up on our demands,” says Spahijaj.

Miners from Breza and Zenica, who announced a general strike on January 22, but canceled it after the temporary unblocking and payment of the December salary, began a strike due to the blockade of the accounts of those companies by the Tax Administration of the Federation of BiH (PUFBiH).

The blockade prevents management from paying salaries and compensations to employees, and not even 36 Zenica miners who retired last year have yet exercised their right to a pension.

In the company from Zenica, on February 5, the fee for a hot meal was not paid.

Miners from Zenica should receive their January salary on February 15. If nothing is resolved by then and the accounts of this mine are not unblocked, the miners from Breza and Zenica announce that they will hold a protest in front of the building of the Government of the Federation of BiH in Sarajevo on February 15 at 12 o’clock.

On January 8 this year, PUFBiH blocked the Zenica mine due to a part of the debt for contributions to salaries in the amount of about 4.9 million, and Breza to about 4.5 million BAM, but the debts of both companies are much higher on that basis.

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