Minister Vranic: Epidemiological Measures give good Results in Sarajevo

The Assembly of the Sarajevo Canton is considering the information on the epidemiological situation in the Sarajevo Canton caused by the coronavirus epidemic at an emergency session today, and the results of the epidemiological measures introduced against the coronevirus give good results.

The Minister of Health and the President of the Crisis Staff of Canton Sarajevo Haris Vranic said that after the introduction of partial closure, as a measure against the coronavirus, a slight decrease in the number of infected and deaths in the Sarajevo Canton was noticeable – from 23 to 16.

There is still a large number of hospitalized and there is no higher number of patient discharges compared to admission, but the situation is better. He said that primary health care, health centers in CS are doing a great job. In the first 28 days, they performed 58,000 examinations, of which 36,000 tests, and now they have started working on antigen tests.

“The most important thing is that these measures, which we were the first to adopt in BiH, followed by the Federation and the Republika Srpska, give results. These are just initial results and they do not mean that ‘relaxation’ can occur. On the contrary, we need to strengthen supervision over the implementation of measures, to repeat to the citizens that they must continue to adhere to epidemiological measures “, Vranic emphasized.

He announced that there would be a session of the Crisis Staff at the end of this week, he would review the results of the introduction of measures, and accordingly decide to continue or mitigate the measures and closure, but it is more likely that the measures will be extended.

The minister said that, according to reports from hospitals, not a large number of patients are on full oxygen support, that is, the use of respirators.

Vranic also informed the deputies that the immunization of all health workers in CS continued today, and that with the donation of Chinese vaccines, after the verification by the Drug Agency, it will be completed for health workers.

“The Zetra hall is being prepared for mass vaccination, lists and a plan for all categories of the population have been made. As of today, the vaccination application should be activated. It is to be hoped that a larger number of vaccines will come in the future, so that immunization will be continued “, stated Vranic.

He reminded that the most dangerous period is between the first vaccination and revaccination, because it was noticed that during that period, a larger number of infections occur due to relaxation and the knowledge that people have been vaccinated. Some countries in Europe and the world introduce lockdown until revaccination after vaccination.

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