Platzer-Di Maio: Italy has a proud History associated with EUFOR

This afternoon marked the commencement of a short visit by the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Luigi Di Maio, to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Commander EUFOR greeted Mr. Di Maio with the provision of an honour guard on his arrival at EUFOR Headquarters. During the course of his visit Mr. Di Maio met with Italian personnel deployed with EUFOR in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The visit of Mr. Di Maio marks the first Italian national visit to EUFOR BiH in 2021.

Italy has a proud history associated with EUFOR and continues to contribute military personnel, who are employed in various appointments within EUFOR Headquarters having recently increased their troop contribution. The continued support of the Italian state and armed forces is of great benefit to EUFOR in our continued support to the local authorities in providing a safe and secure environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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