Mladen Ivanić visits the BiH Troops in Afghanistan

predsjedavajuci-ivanic-osbih-avganistan-1Chairman of the Presidency of BiH Mladen Ivanić visited the unit of the Armed Forces of BiH engaged in the peace keeping operation “Resolute Support” in Afghanistan.

Ivanić congratulated the officers and soldiers the Day of the Armed Forces of BiH and thanked them for their important role in preservation of peace in Afghanistan.

“The way of your work and the responsibility with which you work testify to a high level of professional readiness. This all shows that you are the true ambassadors of your country,” said Ivanić in his addressing speech.

Ivanić notified the members of the Armed Forces of BiH that the Presidency of BiH harmonized the document “Defense Review”, which should result in better fit-out of the Armed Forces of BiH and better standard of its members.

Ceremony of the marking of the Day of Armed Forces of BiH was attended by representatives of armies of all countries that participate in the operation “Resolute Support” in Afghanistan.

Commandant of the military base in Bagram, General Major John Thompson (USA) thanked the members of the Armed Forces of BiH and emphasized their high professionalism and responsibility at work. Fifty-five members of the Armed Forces of BIH are currently participating in the peace keeping mission “Resolute Support” in Afghanistan and they are situated in two military bases.

(Source: ba.n1info.com)

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