“Moja Liza” in Sarajevo- An Exhibition for all Senses

The art exhibition of Marko Šaravanja entitled “Moja Liza” will be opened in the Gallery
BlackBOX in Sarajevo, on Thursday, the 13th of December.

Marko Šaravanja has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and has baffled the audience
with his talent and various events for years. His exhibitions present an experience for the
audience. Those are special clashes of opposite galaxies, worlds, reality and fantasy. His
performances breathe with sarcasm combined with the glamorous flare. Marko Šaravanja sees
the world as a place around him that needs to be saved from the drab, stuffiness and prejudice.
He spreads around himself a virus of laughter, but behind his theatrical performance, there is
always a deep message, left for the viewers to decipher.

Due to his, he decided to treat his hometown with exact vigor, so he will do a performance at
the Galery BlackBOX and bring a lot of passionate colors, emotions, energy of Mostar, which
is his current home. In his poetical expression, Marko frequently criticizes the subjectivity
and the conservative spirit of small towns, and because of that he set up an art exhibition of an
ambiguous name ”Moja Liza” for the Sarajevo audience.

Together with a lot of candies, a lot of good vibrations, colors that will open your appetite,
worlds that you remember from fairy tales, the opening of the exhibition ”Moja Liza” will be
a night to remember. The author hopes that it will be a night of colorful positive chaos for the
senses. The art exhibition ”Moja Liza” will be opened till the 20th December 2012.

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