Feminime Mystique: First Lecture in Series of Lectures: Someone Said Feminism?

plakat_prvo predavanje_01. oktobarOrganized by the Sarajevo Open Center, the first lecture in a series of eight lectures entitled ‘Someone Said Feminism’ will be held in Art Kino Kriterion, announced Sarajevo Open Center. The lecture starts at 18:00. The focus of this cycle will be feminist themes, the rights of women and gender, and the topic of the first lecture is Feminine Mystique that will be presented by Amila Ždralović, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Law at the University in Sarajevo. Entrance is free.

The book ‘The Feminine Mystique’ by Betty Friedan was published in 1963 and it is considered to have started the second wave of feminism.

This lecture would mark 50 years since it was published, and there will be a discussion on the book, its significance for the feminist movement and theory and its eventual relevance in the B&H context.

The next lecture will be held by Adriana Zaharijević on 17 October.

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