Metal Sculpture of Angelina Jolie: Unique Artwork by Franjo Pejic from Sarajevo

Maleficent01Inspired by the movie “Maleficent” with Angelina Jolie in the lead role, Franjo Pejic from Sarajevo, who has a gift for making different things since his childhood, decided to make a metal sculpture of this famous Hollywood actress.

“I was not searching for the idea, it is enough to watch the movie, in which you get completely disconnected from the reality. The character of Angelina Jolie is really specific and unique, as she is herself, so I have been consistent with my plan from the very beginning,” said Pejic.

He proudly noted that the way he works is rare and quite demanding, since metal pieces are bent and welded together in order to make a whole, and the most difficult part for him was to make the chest area, due to the infinite number of those metal pieces.

“The sculpture itself is very demanding and does not tolerate any mistakes, and the reason for that is thin sheet metal on the majority of the body of the sculpture. If I could use thick metal, I would make the sculpture much more easily, but its weight would be double or triple larger. At the moment, the sculpture weighs about 75 kilograms, and when I finish the last part, which is the head, its weight will not be less than 100 kg, with which I am more than satisfied,” said Franjo.

In his workshop is a large black-and-white photo of Angelina, and when asked whether he had to constantly look at her face in order to faithfully “copy” it to the metal, Franjo said that he has Angelina’s face constantly in his mind during the process of creating the sculpture.

He worked with wood and painted before, however, nothing can be compared with the work with metal, which is very hard to work with and does not tolerate mistakes like clay, wood or some other working materials.

The sculpture should be finished in about 20 days, after which will follow another stage of varnishing.

Franjo said that he is planning to make some more sculptures like this one. He is getting his ideas from movies and fairy tales, and it is also possible that he will make another “metal Angelina,” but from some other movie.

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