More than 220 Firms in Ilidža, Hadžići, Ilijaš and Vogošća

In the area of 4 municipalities in Sarajevo Canton Ilidža, Hadžići, Ilijaš and Vogošća there are now nine established industrial zones where more than 220 firms operate, from various economic sectors of storage, trade, wholesale and retail, and manufacturing and processing of various food and industrial products.

The largest number of industrial zones, which is five, was established in the municipality Hadžići, confirmed the Cantonal Minister of Economy Emir Hrenovica.

According to data made available to the Ministry, in the industrial zone Famos Lasica Hrasnica in municipality Ilidža operates a total of 135 companies, and it is assessed that the site and industrial zone employs more than 700 workers.

The Ministry does not have enough information on the exact number of employees in the firms in all the industrial zones. The Cantonal government for the last seven years supports the work.

Minister Hrenovica recalled that for the Sarajevo Canton budget, including 2012, funds were planned to be set aside for co-financing industrial zones in the Canton area for the amount of 920,000 KM, out of which 420,000 KM would be credit loans from Canton Sarajevo. 500,000 KM cash assets received-public/private partnership in the Cantonal budget for 2012.

Minister Emir Hrenovica, however, says that from these funds last year nothing was implemented.

He said that loans in the amount of 420.000 M were transferred for co-financing industrial zones in Canton Sarajevo area in 2013.

The government of Canton Sarajevo, via the Ministry of Economy of the Canton from 2005-2012 invested funds in all industrial zones in Sarajevo Canton totaling 6.009.036,36. The majority of the funds from 2005-2012 were invested in industrial zones in the area of Hadžići totaling 2.35 million KM, and in the area of Vogošća for 2.05 million KM.

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